Welcome To Propane Strategies, LLC Blog

Hi Everyone!

I started Propane Strategies, LLC on December 21, 2015 as a source for organization’s needing financial services for their company. I also saw that propane companies needed an independent consultant to assist them with annual strategic planning sessions, business intelligence advancement within their organization, budgeting, software system selections, hedging strategies, valuations, and of course project management as most organizations employee’s have enough to do on a daily basis and major projects get pushed back because it’s “never the right time”.

I have 20 years of experience working in the petroleum industry, this experience has been in the Refined Fuel and  Propane Gas retail and wholesale markets. My career started with Como Oil & Propane in 1996 when I was hired to be an Accounting Manager. I spent the next 20 years quickly moving up the organizational chart and was Controller/Treasurer of the organization in 1999. In 2010 I became the Co-President and Chief Financial Officer of the organization, which in late 2015 sold all of their assets to ThompsonGas, LLC.

During the 20 years at Como Oil & Propane, I was instrumental in 17 acquisitions and selling Como Oil & Propane twice (2001 & 2015). Como Oil & Propane was very well known in the industry for being early adopters of technology.   During my tenure, I became very well known for my business intelligence vision,
giving my management team the tools to make daily decisions that effect the organization and not monthly decisions after the financial statements come out 15-20 days following month end.  My proactive reporting tools were paramount to Como’s success.

This blog will be used to highlight subjects within the propane industry. I plan on blogging areas that come up on a weekly basis with my clients that I feel others may be able to learn from. Some of the blogs might be elementary to some and some others not so.  I just plan on blogging about areas of the industry that are on my mind during that week!